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Montclair Owner Committees

The purpose of a Community Association is to preserve, protect and enhance the value of the owner's property. To accomplish this, Montclair encourages owner participation in community committees that plan and supervise the various aspects of homeowner association neighborhood living. Committees include:

  1. Budget and Finance
    1. Works on yearly budget for regime fees
    2. Meets late summer and fall

  2. Reserve Committee
    1. Reviews the Reserve Study and appropriations needed for long-term
      capital improvement projects
    2. Recommends needed funding to Finance Committee
    3. Meets 1-2 times per year

  3. Architectural Review Board
    1. Follows guidelines set forth in the Master Deed and establishes allowable alterations for exteriors of the buildings as requested by owners
    2. Meets as needed

  4. Rules and Regulations
    1. Interprets existing rules, adding or revising as necessary
    2. Meets several times per year

  5. Landscape Committee
    1. Reviews landscape company bids when requested
    2. Plans new or additional landscape projects for the property
    3. Meets 3-4 times per year

  6. Social Activities
    1. Plans activities for the entire community
    2. Meets as requested